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Amy Leeson
Curriculum and training

   Born in Indiana and raised in Indiana, Amy Leeson has spent her professional life working with students, teachers, and administrators in the field of education throughout the state.


   She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University, a Masters in Education from Purdue University, and a Specialist in Education degree from Indiana University.


   As a teacher and reading specialist, she has worked with students in grades K-12. Once she moved into an administrative position, her focus was on assisting teachers and administrators in the areas of data collection and analysis; coordinating program evaluations; developing effective mentoring programs; planning and conducting professional development opportunities; and writing and overseeing grants.


   After leaving  public education, Amy became the program director for Region 8 Educational Service Center until December 2016. Here her work centered on effective professional development for teachers and administrators in northeast Indiana as well as collaborating with regional organizations to help address the educational needs of students in the region.


   In addition, Amy has conducted professional development throughout Indiana and outside the state on instructional coaching; curriculum alignment, development, and implementation; teacher evaluation; and program evaluation.

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